Verve XO Q&A

Karen O’Connell on Verve XO

Q. What is the concept of Verve XO?

A. Verve XO is about being in the parade of life and supporting others to be in it, too. I help people feel better about moving through life— both physically and emotionally, to play full out, enjoy life and experience what happens when they’re fully present.

Q. What do you mean by “the parade of life?”

A. I am a curious people watcher. I’ve noticed how some people radiate with passion and enthusiasm, and others have their sail at half-mast.

It’s what I call the parade of life— where some people are participating whole-heartedly in the parade, while others are on the curb watching life go by. I know both of these positions, I’ve been there.

I believe feeling alive, being in the parade, is where we prefer to live. Yet at times we end up as spectators—feeling flat, disconnected, or at a plateau in life.

Q. What do your students learn and how?

A. We all have areas in our life that flow easier than others. So I teach my students how to overcome blockages and bring energy into challenging places and relationships. That could include relationships with food, yourself, or other people.

I use a combination of approaches including Non-Violent Communication (NVC), Qigong, and Mindfulness Training. As a friend described it recently, “It’s like upgrading your operating system.”

Q. How does that work?

A. I show you how to incorporate new skills into your everyday life. From there, you can practice them on your own.

I offer practical, doable, and effective tools so you can take yourself to the next level. But it’s more than just skill-building. It’s about building your confidence to manage daily situations as they arise in real time.

Q. What’s different about Verve XO?

A. Unlike many personal growth approaches, Verve XO is not about, “we’re going to fix you.” I believe transformation is about getting in touch with yourself. Our focus is on the present and the future, not what you were in the past. Everybody starts in the same place.

Q. Who can benefit from Verve XO workshops, classes and retreats?

A. Just about anyone. Take Qigong, for example. It’s user-friendly, doesn’t take a lot of time, and you can do this no matter where you are in your level of awareness.  If you want to be in charge of your evolution, your health, and your well-being, check out “Verve XO Experiences” on this site.

Q. What kind of support is available during this personal journey?

A. I provide a sense of community with others who are on this journey, too. You can come together as a group, practice on your own, and stay online in community if you choose. You have the flexibility to do it on your own, but you have the support of the group. It’s a powerful combination.