Energize Relationships

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Energize Relationships

For those who want more harmony at home, school or the workplace

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Parenting: Harmony at Home   •   Couples: Celebrate Your Love   •   In the Creative Flow

“When all your desires are distilled, you will cast just two votes—To love more, and to be happy.”

It’s easy to get stuck in patterns of communication that don’t support peace and harmony. Inevitably, you or someone else doesn’t feel heard and understood.

And no matter what stage or age you are in life, almost everyone can use a communication tune-up from time to time.

Through Verve XO, learn Compassionate Communication skills that support cooperation, understanding and harmony within your personal, social and business circles.

We offer fun and practical ways to:

  • Get your feelings heard and needs met
  • Learn how to translate what someone is really trying to tell you
  • Be present and open-minded even in difficult situations
  • Recognize the gifts every person has to offer and experience the dramatic shift that can happen (for the better!)

Depending on your needs, choose from a variety of ways to energize your relationships through:

  • Experiential Workshops and Retreats
  • Sessions for Individuals, Couples and Families located at our Dana Point, CA office
  • Customized On-Site Workshops for Businesses, Groups or Schools
  • Follow-up Email and Phone Sessions

Free Consultation

Not sure where to start? Need a tailor-made solution for your family, group or company? Click here to email your questions or schedule a free consultation to explore your options.

Let the journey begin.