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Be Wholly Yogic

Ever wish you could keep the yoga vibe flowing all day long?

Wholly Yogic: Off the Mat   •   Wholly Yogic Leadership Training

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Wishing is not enough, we must do.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

You’ve just left the yoga studio feeling connected and at peace with the universe. But then someone honks at you in the parking lot or sends you an upsetting text. Oh, if only you could take that yoga vibe off the mat and into the real world!

Through Wholly Yogic workshops, you can learn the yoga of relationships— where you stay compassionate, authentic and present with yourself and others—even in everyday challenging situations.

Compassionate Communication, like yoga, is a philosophy that embraces satya (truth) and karuna (compassion). Whether you are a yoga instructor or student, beginner or advanced, Wholly Yogic workshops teach Compassionate Communication skills so you can discover:

  • How your relationship to yourself and others is your portal into living wholly yogic
  •  How to mindfully connect your heart energy so you can hear what people are really needing and wanting
  • How to express your own feelings and needs with words that are in harmony with your yoga lifestyle
  •  How to extend the tranquility you create on your mat throughout your day

Instead of having the stress of life grab you as you leave the yoga studio, allow your interactions with others deepen your yogic practice.

Join us and learn to open up to expanded levels of peace and connection.

Wholly Yogic. It’s a doable way to be.

Wholly Yogic Leadership Training

Wholly Yogic: Off the Mat